Blogmas: Would You Rather Christmas Tag

7 Days Of Blogmas annoucement

Today is my 7th and final day of my 7 Days of Blogmas. I enjoyed writing them. I hope you have all enjoyed following my Christmas blogs or blogmas.  If you have missed any they are all listed on my website at http://www.creativetouchescelebrations.com . Today I was challenged by  Amylou

Would You Rather Christmas Tag

1. Eat brussel sprouts or cauliflower cheese?
I actually like brussel sprouts and cauliflower is okay with me also. But I would take the brussel sprouts.

2. Have twinkling lights or still lights?
I love all holiday lights. However, my favorites are the twinkling lights.

3. Eat gingerbread or Ferraro Roche?
Gingerbread makes adorable houses, but I will go with the Ferraro Roche for dessert.

4. Open your Xmas presents with only immediate family or with all of your family members?
Immediate family, with my husband and the kids.

5. Cook Xmas dinner for the whole family or don’t eat Xmas dinner at all?
Is this even a question? I throw down on Christmas dinner every year. Let the cooking commence.

6. Have a real Xmas tree or a fake Xmas tree?
I love real trees. We have had a real tree annually for about the last fifteenth years. 

7. Use blue, yellow, white or multicolored lights?
I love white lights but multicolored lights are my favorite.

8. Eat mince pies or Xmas cake?
I have to be honest even as an adult; I still don’t know what mince pie is.  So I will go with the Christmas cake. I love cake!

9. Wake up at 6 am or 10 am?
Lord if only I could sleep to 10am on Christmas morning. My youngest child still wakes me up…LOL. So 6am  it is.

10. Drink champagne or hot chocolate?
Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream.

11. Eat Heroes or Roses?
Yeah, I’m lost. I do not know what either taste like. So I will have to pass on the this question…LOL.

12. Get a puppy for Xmas or a kitten for Xmas?
A puppy, a beagle would be so cute.

13. Watch Elf or Home Alone?
Home Alone.

14. Only be able to listen to Xmas songs all year round or never hear a Xmas song again?
I would choose to hear Christmas music all year round. I love gospel music which holds the same meaning.

15. Wake up bright and early and get all of the best boxing day sale goodies or stay warm and cozy in bed wearing your new Xmas PJs?
Stay in bed cozy with my pajamas.


I am tagging Jasmine who will also be doing the Would You Rather Blogmas post!

If you would like to know more about Blogmas. Click here for my blog all about Blogmas!

Please Like & Comment Below.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Do you want to participate with blogmas?  If so tag me in a post and answer the Would You Rather Christmas Tag questions.

I’d love to see your answers! Leave a link below, or leave me your answers!

Happy Blogging!


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